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Komorebi Bride

 Exquisite headpieces for the bohemian bride. We specialise in stunning sterling silver creations designed for free-spirits & handcrafted with love in Brisbane, Australia

- Komorebi Bride -

Exquisite headpieces for bohemian brides. Handcrafted with love using only the finest materials

- Celestia Rosa -


She emerges at dusk, the ethereal beauty. The fading sunlight catches her adornments and dances across her skin. The Celestia Rosa collection features rose gold & crystals in a sunset palette. We teamed with Le-lujah Bridal to offer brides an array of dusty pinks, blushes and nudes with a touch of magic


- The Arcadia Collection -


The Arcadia Collection has been created in the dream-scapes of woodland nymphs and moon Goddesses, paying homage to the heavenly maidens of Ancient times, and to anyone who has ever found magic in the trees and the mountains


- Wild as the Sea -


She walks barefoot on the sand. She is connected to the Earth, soul tied to the mountains and the sea. Wildness stirs within her. She is timeless, elegant, mystical. She is sophisticated and discerning. She appreciates luxury and the art of good craftsmanship. She has an air of bohemian glamour. She is fierce with her emotions and gentle with yours. She loves dangerously, with her whole heart. She is a risk taker. She is breath-taking. She is a Komorebi Bride